Cordova Solutions, Inc. identity was created through what is "real" comprehensive supply chain management. Being involved in a competitive industry such as 3PL/Transportation, it is our job at Cordova Solutions to offer customers a "custom" Supply Chain Solution, because every customer's supply chain has its own characteristics. Cordova Solutions will bring anything to the table to fulfill the broad spectrum of logistics that today's economy demands. From E-Commerce to Warehousing, to Dedicated Freight Solutions, we do it all.

A comprehensive supply chain is necessary in today's fast moving logistical markets, because of the improvement in internet based technologies. Cordova Solutions understands how the logistical markets move and are consistently progressing our business to assure your business is up to speed with their provided supply chain solution. What this translates into is that when a customer utilizes Cordova Solutions for Supply Chain Management, the customer is always placing themselves into a position for success.